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Got a question?

Do I need to have working experience to apply?

We have opportunities for entry-level candidates and experienced candidates, so even if you don’t have any experience at the moment, you can still apply as there are opportunities that are a relevant fit to you.

Can I apply if I am a university student?

Of course, you can! You can put your availability on your profile and apply for opportunities that are suitable for you. Our account manager will also recommend opportunities that fit your availability.

Do I need a college degree to apply for roles?

You can apply for roles without a college degree on Recruitable. Create an account, pass our vetting process and start applying for roles!

Do I need a CV to apply?

Yes, you should provide your CV when you are creating an account, and that would be the CV sent to recruiters when you are applying for roles. You can always come back and update your CV in your profile.

Can I choose between part-time/full-time roles and duration?

Yes, you can! We have opportunities for part-time and full-time talents from 12 weeks to 12 months. You can put your availability on your profile and apply for jobs that are suitable for you.

When can I start applying for opportunities?

After you create an account with us, our recruitment team will review your CV. If your CV is reviewed and accepted, you’ll be invited to a pre-screening process. We will then notify you if your application is successful and invite you to join Recruitable.

What is included in the pre-screening process?

After your CV is reviewed and accepted, you may be invited to a short introductory call with our recruitment team, or submitting extra materials such as a short task or a short video recording.

What can an account manager do for me?

Our account manager is here to help you find the right opportunities! They will recommend roles that fit with your skills and work preferences so you won’t miss out on any opportunities.

What is the usual talent remuneration on Recruitable?

Your salary is calculated based on your location and the company you’re applying for. You can find and add the salary range on the job listings on your profile. Our account manager will recommend roles that match your expectations.

Do I need to work in the same time zone?

It would depend on the company and expectations of the role you applied for.

Can I reject a role?

Of course! You have full ability to yes or no to any contract presented to you. No harm, no foul.